748 Seats with 2 handicap spaces avaialbe for wheel chairs.

Handicaped parking is available on the right theatre and the enterance is at the lower house doors.


Proscenium: 50’ wide x 15’ high

Stage Depth: 26’

Apron Depth: 8’

Wall to Wall: 74’

Height to Steel: 16’

Rigging & Soft Goods

9 Dead Hung Electrics on Stage

3 FOH Electrics

Main Act Curtain

3 Full Stage Travelers

1 Set of Legs

1 White Cyc

1 Black Scrim  


Console: ETC Element 2

Front LightL: ETC Source Four

Side Light: ETC Source Four & RGB LED Pars

Top Light: ETC S4 Pars gel to warm/cool w/ LED Par RGBAW/UV

Cyc Light: LED RGB strips top and bottom

Moving Lights: Clay Paky Alpha Spots


Console: 48 Channel - Yamaha M7CL

Amplifiers: 1 Crown CD4000, 2 Crown CD2000, 3 Crown CD1000

Speakers: Front Fill JBL AM4212/95, Auditorium Fill JBL AM4212/64, L/R Front Fills JBL AC2212/62,

          Subwoofers (2) JBL ASB 6118, Rear Fill (3) JBL Control 29 AV, Monitors JBL (4 Chan available)

Microphones: 24 Sennheiser bodypacks, 5 Sennheiser handhelds (shared channels), 8 Shure MX202

          overheads (Located at catwalk, apron, down stage and up stage).

Hearing Impaired System: Phonic Ear PE 560T transmitter with 30 receivers.

Intercom: Anchor Port-A-Com system with hard wired positions at FOH and 8 wireless.


Projector: 6,000 Lumen Panasonic Projector

Projection Screen: 12' Electic Front Screen (Mounted center stage)


Camera: 4 Blackmagic Ursa Broadcast G2

Switch: Blackmagic TV Studio HD

Mixer: Behringer X32

Editing Suites: Adobe Collection

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